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L’Artichaut, or the Artichoke in English, is an artist studio and exhibition space, born out of the necessity to have a stimulating workspace in which to work as artists, and the need to be independent, to be able to exhibit and sell, without necessarily having to conform to the art market’s existing models.


Our aim is to bring together art production and exhibition, artists and art enthusiasts, while also being able to link together different art practices that feed and inspire each other. L’Artichaut wants to be a creative space that strongly identifies with its neighbourhood, the lively historical Marolles, known for its antiquarians, and the nearby Sablon with its little galleries.


The opening of L’Artichaut will be on the 28th of March and will be a collaborative exhibition of its artists. It will inaugurate the studio and the exhibition space, and will be the first of many events to come.

Oleo, portable bar
by El Charpenay
by Philippine d'Otreppe
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