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Gaia Weber (b.1997)
Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, Gaia moved to London in 2014 to study Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Following this she moved to Berlin to do design work for a female led startup, Beneath My Pillow, a feminist erotic magazine. Gaia loves to experiment with digital software and design, however remains adept and inclined to creating hand drawn illustrations using felt tips on paper and finding her groove in this soft and colourful medium. Her work is inspired by her experiences as an international student as well her roots and travels in South East Asia.


Gaia moved to Brussels at the start of the year, and has been working on drawings that tell stories of strange, fierce and sensational women, animals and men. Some are exposed, peacefully cuddling a beautiful passionfruit, while others are like crazed fiery haired beasts, skating through the desert at night sipping swigs of beer. Gaia creates her elaborate worlds through a thought process that dreams up a narrative, guided by her imagination and the values she believes in and wants to express. What if, she says, there was a woman? What if she was riding on a fish? What if she was flying through space? Her stories are mysterious but clearly evoke the convolutions of a mind filled with fantasy and fascination for freedom, nature and sexual liberations.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 12.38.55.png

drawings by Gaia Weber


 ceramics by Pauline Meeus


Pauline Meeus (b.1990)
Pauline is a Belgian artist who grew up and worked in London. Two years ago she moved back to Brussels and shifted careers to start working at Terres de Rêves, the ceramic studio founded by her mother Anita Le Grelle. This is where Pauline learnt the slipcasting technique used for Terres de Rêves handcrafted pieces and where little by little she got inspired to have fun on the side and fabricate her own. Rather than having an artistic educational background, her creative family is the backdrop to Pauline’s creations.


Pauline describes her ceramic pieces as practical and usable, made from an assemblage of shapes, edited into fun figures. Her manner of working is about playful associations, why not stick these shapes together to bring them alive? Her pieces are personified and confident in their stillness, given the scrupulous care and finish Pauline has crafted them with.

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